Corp innovation conundrum 5


Empowered here specifically means do whatever in the name of innovation with no support given as money, manpower, useful quick decisions, etc…, and if it does accomplish anything meaningful that is worthy of a press release, sponsor will come pose for a photo with the innovator and talk about the same fantasies and mention ideas that are actively being developed to make the fantasies more real…


Corp Innovation conundrum 4


Closely related to the idea of innovation as a skill to sell old ideas to older people…especially if they have a budget and some fantasy


What Tatasky teaches about information relations?

Last week Tata sky, my cable provider decided to change channel numbers for no discernable reason. Here is what happened
1. All my favorites switched to new channels that were clearly not my favorites
2. Kids suddenly got full access to all their favorite channels without restrictions and in effect rest of us adults losing control on the remote
3. There was this marquee text about this very stupid channel number change, on all channels with a black background that pretty much made all subtitles on the bottom half screen unreadable, on news, on scores etc in a season of Wimbledon, F1, Euro, Brexit.
4. Now on the hard button remote I am  forced to enter 4 digits against 3.

All in all Tata sky did not bother to retain the preferences of users, it also made wrong updates to them without a reason making the experience rough.

It is time someone took a course or at least a page from human-computer interaction to Tata sky.