Sometimes creative expressions surprise you from directions unexpected. One such recent occasion was my repeat mode listening of the song Enjoy-Enjaami by Santosh Narayanan, who is my wife’s friend. It is not unusual for non-cine songs getting popular these days. But the speed at which it happened for this song and the theme surprised me. All in all a cross-culture global rap much needed in these pandemic times. Thanks to Santosh.

I call out below some specific SDG thematic lyrical highs in the song.

நல்லபடி வாழச் சொல்லி, இந்த மண்ண கொடுத்தானே பூர்வகுடி…கம்மாங்கர காணியெல்லாம் பாடித் திரிஞ்சானே ஆதிக்குடி…நாயி நரி பூனைக்குந்தான் இந்த ஏரிக்கொளம் கூட சொந்தமடி…

…my ancestors wished well and gave me this land to live, and the first community sang and roamed this land of waters and fields…these ponds and lakes were owned by the dogs, foxes and cats too

This stanza touches upon the providence of having endowed the resources to the current generation it to be shared not just with the community but also calls for the animals having equal rights to the same resources. This is in my opinion the highest form of equity, all beings having rights, access and ownership to the same pool.

முட்டைய போடும் கோழிக்கு…குக்கூ குக்கூ…ஒப்பனை யாரு மயிலுக்கு…குக்கூ குக்கூ…பச்சைய பூசும் பாசிக்கு…குக்கூ குக்கூ…குச்சிய அடுக்குன கூட்டுக்கு…

…who gave all the beauty…For the egg laying hens, for the peacocks, for the green moss and for the nest built with stacking sticks….

The awe for the beauty that naturally occurs sometimes needs to be told to be seen, and this telling has to hit with the same beauty but a different sensory organ. For example instead of seeing the beauty it is heard well equally sung with these lyrics and the next time you see it…you will not only enjoy the beauty but will never act in anyway to destroy it…

நான் அஞ்சு மரம் வளர்தேன்…அழகான தோட்டம் வச்சேன்…தோட்டம் செழித்தாலும் என் தொண்ட நனையலயே

என் கடலே கரையே, வனமே சனமே, நெலமே கொலமே, எடமே தடமே

எஞ்சாய் எஞ்சாமி…வாங்கோ வாங்கோ ஒன்னாகி

அம்மா யி அம்பாரி…இந்தா இந்தா மும்மாரி…

…Even with the 5 trees i grew in my garden, the garden was flush but my throat was still dry…(and with the feeling for)…my seas, shores, forests, people, land, community, places and paths…Come my dearest daughter and son (addressed as mother and father) together…lets just play the game…and let there be rains (thrice a month is considered fertile)

The futile disappointing attempts to emulate the vastness and richness of a forest in a mere garden is shown here as the garden does not provide water even to wet my throat and possibly sing…so goes on to call everything about the ecosystem in awe and tells the next generation to celebrate with the game and have the rains too.

The awe, the hope, the celebration all form parts of the feeling we have for nature and we can celebrate it with a song and a story, the underlying experience is to be with it at all times.


Lockdown arts

It has been a while since I really drew something. With 2 kids in the house there is no dearth of medium, at least I get plenty of oil pastels to waste donated by the kids.
So here is some I did except for the line arts, all else is done during this lockdown period. I am not just happy, some of the training from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards has been retained tacitly without my being aware of it.

So overall the experience in this set has been therapeutic, especially with no intoxicants during the period. Finally some detox and art.


சும்மா இரு

இருட்டிலிருந்து தப்பிக்க
அவசரமாக கதவை திறந்து ஓடியதில்
பக்கத்து ரூம் விளக்கும் அணைந்தது
எங்கும் நிழல் பூரணமாய்


Waxing Waning Ideas


because we need black and white categories and clear boundaries of great and sucks, here is a suggestion never take a position especially if you are investing in some ideas


Innovators Fantasy


Most people are familiar with innovators dilemma and innovators solution…here is my theoretical conceptual contribution with every innovator’s fantasy.


Evaluating innovation socially


There are at least 3 grades to every idea socially, good ones and the seemingly good ones are obvious, and the final grade is just good to be seen with…sometime they bite you back especially when they succeed or fail spectacularly…

  1. Don’t do anything today if it can be done tomorrow

  2. Don’t do it, if someone else can do it better…claim that you can do better things especially when those better things are not needed

  3. Don’t do simple tasks, while it is cheap and efficient… Start trying only after it gets dynamic, complicated, costly and inefficient

  4. Don’t try doing anything alone…and coordinate with at least two busy others, around when/where/how to do, till everyone gives up trying, even to coordinate

  5. Start with principle 1 on the new task, and claim expertise in multi-tasking


Addendum: there was a sixth principle in contention that all above 5 principles work only with tasks that have a compelling reason/objective/vision for gen-z. from my experience reasons are immaterial ab initio.

5 gen-Z task management principles


Corporate Innovation Conundrum 6

Corporate Innovation Conundrum 6


Corp innovation conundrum 5


Empowered here specifically means do whatever in the name of innovation with no support given as money, manpower, useful quick decisions, etc…, and if it does accomplish anything meaningful that is worthy of a press release, sponsor will come pose for a photo with the innovator and talk about the same fantasies and mention ideas that are actively being developed to make the fantasies more real…