KM for Karnataka Power

I had the opportunity to face a bunch of engineers from Karnataka Power Corporation, which generates most of Karnataka’s power from thermal and hydro sources.

Engineers ranged from Executive category, senior, junior to assistants who are newly commissioned.

The challenges for my session were 2

1. Time given to me was 3 hours post lunch

2. My session was immediately after the regular SECI model dump by non-km practitioners

I used the following model to introduce methods that I have been using over the past 4 years.

Once the framework was clear, we took the most common problem that old systems that still operate always face.

“To repair or replace” and each group’s take on “how to reduce maintenance cost”.

Last part of my session was a regular Social Network Stimulation

Where KM ideas were solicited from the 3 teams, for convenience sake we formed groups on

1. idea collection (how will we know what ideas our fellow employees have on reducing maintenance cost),

2. group action (once we know the ideas, what do we do with them and how),

3. and management support (how can as management we sustain the first 2)

Group formation itself was across hierarchy, plants, departments and roles, so enough variety here.

This was followed by a few rounds of Ritual Dissent which everyone loved.

In the end 2 executive engineers took ownership of the ideas to take forward within their plants.

All in all a decent outcome for a slow afternoon…