TRIZ Systematic Innovation Resource Page

This page is a collection of TRIZ resources, that I have found useful for application, training, research and facilitation.

Altshuller Life and History of TRIZ

Leonid Filkovsky wrote a memoir of Altshuller in 4 parts in the triz-research journal which I find to be the most authentic and first hand account of Altshuller’s life.

TRIZ Methods Explained

TRIZ has methods for problem, or opportunity definition and problem solution. These include methods like Function Attribute analysis, system operator, problem explorer, su-field, minimum technical system, among other. Problem solution has tools like the 76 standard solutions, contradiction matrix and the 40 triz principles, but other tools like trends, resources, are also included in general application.

Tools for TRIZ, Patent Search

There are several tools for patent search including google patent search and USPTO’s advanced search tool.

TRIZ Conferences Calendar

Altshuller institute publishes a few conference links here. Currently there is no comprehensive list available.

Individual Business, Organizations, Institute Case Studies

Companies and Consultants offering TRIZ Services

ARIZ 85C Knowledge Base

OTSM-TRIZ Resources

Current Researchers

TRIZ Books and Journals

Dr Ellen Domb maintains a great set of books and sites on her trizrealworld blog.

Open Innovation Challenges

Finally if you are looking for a grand set of challenges, open innovation is the flavor of the decade, here is a list of website that throw challenges across all different fields.


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