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Panchatantra in VUE

Fable sets like Panchatantra are best performed with music and in the local language and a conducive setting. My intent is to recreate it with plain visuals, in VUE. All in all the exercise was satisfying, and I am happy with the outcome. Layers of narrative arising from the frame story, the complications of characterization and continuity becomes visible when done this way. The aim was not to give away stories which I strongly recommend for reading or hearing. I am not one to steal the thrill of hearing a good fable first hand, but rather to see how the fable will move from one to other in a map. I feel the use such a visual is only as an aid to performance. Click the image to see a larger version.

Panchatantra Book 4 Loss of Gains

Panchatantra Book 4 Loss of Gains

Loss of Gains is the smallest of the books in Panchatantra, I will need a long holiday to do the others where the number of layers are far higher than this. #somedaymaybe…


TRIZ Sequential or Systematic?

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Stimulus Agent Model

This is an unfinished concept I tried to visualize what happens when we are flooded with so much information and how we react and make sense of it and respond.

Read it starting from the contextual stimulus to the agent which are people making sense and responding with say a new way of doing something. I have intentionally left out intermediate processes like decision making.
Note reaction chains back to the contextual stimulus