2 Research Proposals Submitted

Rolling Up Stories for Decision Making

What is the problem you want to research?

Experiences of individuals and groups within organizations become persistent within cultures in the form of narratives. These narratives augment business intelligence to decision making in several contexts including mergers and acquisitions, strategy making, work process changes, employee engagement, and investments among many other possibilities. Narratives are generally not fully formed, take multiple forms and signified differently by people.

This research seeks to develop methods for narrative listening, collecting, representing for specific decision making needs.

Why is it of interest? For whom?

Complexity science offers the necessary theoretical background, and there are open source methods already developed for such purposes that can be applied. This is of significant interest to industry as more and more independence is given to employees delivering work products in a distributed fashion. Industry’s ability to use the narratives for decision making has to be scalable and provide foresight (not hindsight)

Utility of the research will be for internal business management including R&D, HR and Management

By knowing this, who will this affect?

· Management, Employees and Stakeholders

Organization structure changes and Business outcomes

What is the problem you want to research?

Every organization undergoes periodic reorganization, involving hierarchical and portfolio changes. Intent behind such changes is better internal operations or market alignment leading to better value to the shareholder. Assumptions of an exact correlation between cause (Organization structure changes) and effect (business impact) are not systematically correlated. Once a correlation is made, management can use the framework to propose future changes and predict business impact of a change.

Why is it of interest? For whom?

Changes are frequent and impact of a change is not closely monitored. Questions that this research hopes to answer are

1. Can business impact be measured clearly? Even fuzzy terms like customer happiness, employee job satisfaction, shareholder value?

2. Can organization changes be quantified?

Cost Benefit Analysis ranging from

· Cost of reporting structure changes in systems

· Creation/adoption/training needs on working with the new structure

· Actual impact on business outcomes

These call for quantitative primary research across industries and size of organizations.

By knowing this, who will this affect?

· Leadership/Management teams

· Shareholder