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Magic was never a job description


KM and Job Titles

The problem with KM is it is too intangible to define and fit in an org structure.
For example you can say
1. KM’s job is to make people smarter
2. KM’s job is to enable more meaningful conversations across a company
3. KM’s job is to generate good connections from which good conversations/knowledge flow

Each of these can never be put into a job description nor can competency frameworks be designed for above. What in turn happens is we start to fit in with generic descriptions for K Managers, Consultants, Facilitators, Directors etc.

Question is even if you do away with the central structure the few thinkers left in the system would enable all above and more without ever knowing or calling it KM.
If you as a KM Practitioner disagree with the responsibility tell me why it cannot be KM responsibility and what other thing would be a responsibility under KM.

Thanks to enlightened tradition for sparking the thought