Of not buying a Ruosh

I went to buy a pair of Ruosh at a store newly opened in our area. Lush, classy store with just enough labor and lot of time given for the customer to spend in the selections.
Only the store does not offer any discounts, before I tried any shoe I told the sales guy I am looking to buy online possibly at myntra for at least 30% discount. I even showed him the online prices to see if he would match. No luck there.
But what happened next was unexpected. The sales guy declared, that any online purchased shoes will not be serviced in the store.
3 conclusions that I drew were

  • Firstly any shoe of the brand may require a service during its life time say 2 years
  • Second brand is not seeing it’s own shoes the same way across 2 channels
  • Third by denying a customer a better price and threatening of no service was seen as a way to improve store sales of the brand

You may have a great value perception but if on the ground brands’ employee incentives and brand outcomes are in conflict across channels, it will only pave way for an early exit from the market.



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