When design thinking failed to operate?

  1. I asked for a window seat and I checked in early, the airline could find only the last seat in a cramped airplane. Something hard in the seat pocket in front was hurting my knee. I recognize it is the ‘in flight’ magazine only it was stuck on both sides, so I cannot turn pages in the magazine any which way. Not only the magazine was useless it was harmful to my knee by taking away the crucial 1 inch of leg room by its thickness. (it was a spicejet, the window seat was already occupied by the time I got in and i did not read the chairman’s message)
  2.  For a 20+ hour-long journey, my ticketing agent does not understand what it means to get yourself or baggage lost in De-Gaulle or T5, or what it means to have a lay over for 6 hours on the return trip or why the same “asian vegetarian meal” is the default for every international flight.
  3.  At home the wires are running all over in dusty corners. A search did not lead me to finding a wi-fi router combined with RJ-45 cable, or a cordless phone with an in built wi-fi router, at least an extra power cable for the router, or that will work even when power was down. They all had to be a separate elements in the different working systems. I see no reason they cannot be merged.
  4.  We have an elevator that shows the floors in LED right next to it is the elevator number in the same font and color. I get confused every time I look. Do I really care if it is elevator number 5 or 7 as long as it takes me there? Why the display?

I can go on and on with more such examples, of businesses simply failing to see what the customer sees, empathize and make changes. Time to take the first step in design thinking.


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