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That Idea is a Pig

Having seen them tamed, run berserk, to go extinct, I see few animals as fit archetypes for classes of ideas. Of the List of domesticated animals I am least interested in pets. So that leaves me with 5 animals of my choice. Each unique in at least one aspect and serves specifically to focus and understand the nature of the class of ideas.Animal Idea Archetypes


  1. eats resources in large quantities; no tangible output; senses vibrations and changes direction often
  2. really high maintenance; stands out when domesticated and when in wild no utility potential realized
  3. heavily used in marketing materials externally but rarely used internally
  4. cannot scale at all; ownership is private
  5. no output and hence no market in reality; but makes presentations ‘cool’ and ‘wow’


  1. fastest converter of waste to value; a quick process of digesting everything; tangible output; senses waste sharply
  2. low maintenance and can sustain in harsh environments
  3. the conversion process scales quickly with enough resources; thrives on numbers; ownership public
  4. not a marketing material; and will never be on the glossy posters
  5. small market for the output itself; nobody wants the value inventory in large amounts; expensive processing needed on the meat for deriving more value


  1. uses resources selectively and known for producing value in all its output forms
  2. high maintenance initially; integrates into its habitat; sustainable
  3. rarely used as marketing material externally; limited global appeal; but used heavily internally
  4. cannot scale as quickly as a pig; requires a significant effort to scale; ownership public/common pool
  5. huge market for the output; value-add on outputs are easy and usually everyone has a personal method


  1. thrives on low resources and can sustain harsh environment and conditions
  2. low maintenance unlike a cow; tamed uses in the same harsh environments only; not present in wild
  3. rarely used in marketing material externally; internally disrespected bunch
  4. can scale if given time off but not as quickly as a pig; ownership is public
  5. local market appeal only; never has a global appeal


  1. most popular domestic; has many tricks when young; thrives on resources from many places and emotions
  2. high maintenance as it ages;
  3. used in marketing material externally; internally abused
  4. can scale if given a chance but not as quickly as a pig; ownership is private and possessive; can change ownership quickly
  5. global appeal

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