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KM KAP kaput

Heavily influenced by my current reading of Diffusion of Innovations by E Rogers. I was reflecting on how KM fails to diffuse. From a diffusion perspective I have experience in hitting a few successful S curves and some not so successful ones or those that fizzled out before hitting a critical mass of adopters.

The KAP framework as Rogers notes may not be really scientific and may prove nothing from a data/theoretical standpoint. But it has application on the field. KAP is a simple framework used to evaluate

  • Knowledge (K) : whether potential users have means to get knowledge on KM systems, processes and develop the minimal skills to use them
  • Attitude (A) : whether there exists a favorable attitude toward the new KM systems, processes among the intended users
  • Practice / Adoption (P) : whether KM adoption / practice happens with new users over a period

KAP gap is real in organizations specifically in adopting new processes that are not mandated including KM in most cases. May be a small walk across the building can bring to surface existing gaps.

WIth no KAP, KM is kaput…


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