When people discuss innovation, strategy gets tied in for various reasons,

  1. to prove the company will remain committed for the longer term
  2. to state that company’s future depends on it
  3. to show that it was a deliberate action

My cynical take why people tie innovation with strategy is for the following

  1. not having to do anything immediately (as it is for the long-term)
  2. not having to do it as a habit (as it is done only once every year or decade)
  3. someone else (usually senior leadership) can be held responsible if it did not work

Innovation is the opposite of all the above 3, i.e. I have to do something, I have to do it regularly and if something goes wrong, I take personal responsibility, learn and start again with trying something else.

Now the call is simple, do you want to make innovation a habit, everyone’s everyday responsibility more like operations? or orphan it?


Innovation everyday or strategic, your call


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