When taxonomies of music do not suffice?


I am never happy with usual organization of music collections as album, artist, genre, year, compilation etc type classification because the joy of finding new music is lost in a dead grid of valid/default values. So on my collections I play only random/shuffle-all mode always, and this serendipity has its cheap thrills of trying to guess the album, artist in first 10 seconds, or the first few words of the lyrics. But besides that there is a key taxonomy question, what if I want a totally different class of music for myself. Like say woman solo rap interlude with profane lyrics, unplugged with acoustic guitar, jimmy page after led zeppelin playing kashmir, etc. Arguably it can be just tags in a linear field (like #solo #rap #interlude  #profane #unplugged)  I am not using them to find these songs but these patterns form after I hear them many times and associate in ways convenient to me. 

And they invented play lists and play lists on the go…

Think about it, if you are so proud of a content base and you know people will discover in more ways than you can arrange and form patterns that you cannot predict prior, is it not necessary to support that with a simple workflow in your taxonomy system than just adding a “miscellaneous” or “others”?


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