Moving is Spiritual

Moving is Spiritual Recently moved again, this time from a row house to BIG apartment complex, really horizontal to vertical living. Moving makes you realize some fundamental truths like no other spiritual exercises, few of mine below

  1. Just like work fills available time, things fill available space. Whatever be the amount of space. Longer the time in a particular space, more things fill the same space akin to “there is always room for beer”. As more things fill, more things become junk, due to fear of a void we never throw away junk. And of course filling voids is a tedious and costly shopping trip.
  2. The curious internal need to save and organize breaks down, somewhere in the middle of moving process, possibly by the dark force of things, violently opposing their encasement into cartons. After this chaos ensues which is inherently unavoidable. Mysteriously things switch among cartons. Things have friends too.
  3. This carton switching is complicated by memories triggered by things long forgotten. As mundane as a photo of a long forgotten trip and time, to slightly less mundane pebble collected from a river whose name no one remembers, to the slightly lesser mundane lamp shade that was never opened, to a box full of nail clippers, to cartons of still encased stuff of previous moves and the likes.
  4. And then there is this futility of things, large and small. During the whole moving process, I usually assign disproportionate importance to things, that will range from picking a flange that is junked to throwing away books. It all happens in a random and quick fashion really not in my control. Usually I don’t miss (as in “miss you”) them, but have never been on one of those never ending searches for things after a move.

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