Innovation Survey Questions to Management

Binary Yes/No questions on innovation are typically quick and here are some examples

1. When was the last time you heard an original idea for your business?

2. My people log ideas into a central system regularly?

3. I choose ideas to invest in at least once a year, a quarter or a month?

4. My review process for the portfolio includes new idea implementations?

5. We derive strategy from a family of ideas?

6. We have set criteria for all ideas based on utility, applicability, market, originality, uniqueness, costs etc.?

7. Our people know the exact business constraints within which their idea has to work?

8. We communicate these constraints on a regular basis and watch the responses?

9. We do specific campaigns for ideas periodically?

10. New idea implementation gives our people better appraisal ratings?

11. There are groups that work together on original ideas voluntarily without organizational support?

12. We are aware of these groups and consult them on specific needs

13. Our customers get ideas from our people for their needs regularly

14. Business plan meetings include at least 5% new junior people

15. Value addition is part of our commitment / contract

16. Outcomes from specific innovation exercises are available to everyone in the organization?

17. I dedicate time to look at new ideas from the field, new needs from prospects or within sales/service functions

18. My strategy is aligned to customer needs

19. My business earns 40% from new service/product lines formed less than 3 years ago

20. My leader is considered lead innovator or user for our own products

You may also choose such adjective oriented questions for specifics; usually responses are on a scale

1. Our meetings show readiness to listen to new ideas

2. We have sense of availability of resource/cash/time

3. We have past experience of failed experiments that we can leverage

4. We have measures for innovation at various levels including people/team/organization across HR/IS/Strategy/Finance functions


3 thoughts on “Innovation Survey Questions to Management

  1. 1. Problems provide low hanging fruits for innovation; can we just stick to solving problems instead of innovating on broad open themes?
    Option A: Yes, problem solving only matters today
    Option B: No, open themes drives us to imagine solutions and programs for tomorrow
    Option C: May be / I will get back to you on this / undecided / can we do both

    2. I am unable to invest time on my team’s ideas on specific problems, priorities and strategy.
    Option A: Yes, I would like to support the innovation program if it helps my group
    Option B: No, my group is self-sufficient for developing innovations
    Option C: May be / I will get back to you on this / undecided / can we do both

    3. My team is constrained by assumptions, current realities and patterns of thinking, and not creative enough
    Option A: Yes, innovation should just be limited to training on thinking tools and methods that break such barriers
    Option B: No, I get creative solutions to business issues all the time
    Option C: May be / I will get back to you on this / undecided / can we do both

    4. We don’t have to innovate or invest in ideas internally; there are other smarter industry players and start-ups that do a better job. We just need to fast follow.
    Option A: Yes, I would only like to know about these periodically
    Option B: No, we still need to innovate on our own
    Option C: May be / I will get back to you on this / undecided / can we do both

    5. Decisions on strategy and large programs are done elsewhere, at least in my area of work. I really see no road ahead for my team’s ideas even if they were disruptive and creative.
    Option A: Yes, there is a need for a program to harness team members’ creativity, and influence strategy
    Option B: No, we should stick to our strategy and deliver on already selected ideas/programs
    Option C: May be / I will get back to you on this / undecided / can we do both

  2. more open ended questions

    What is innovation according to you?
    What help would you expect from the facilitators role?
    At what frequency, do you listen or want to listen to ideas from your team?
    At what stage do you want to see an idea?
    What is the best way to partner with the ideas/concepts?
    How can I understand innovation opportunities within your area of work on a regular basis?

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