So you are offering Innovation as a Service

What we talk of services, when we talk of services differs from person to person. When you talk of Innovation as a service here is what I am looking for

1. About your service and the service terms

2. Team that delivers this service, preferably with photos of real people and their profiles

3. Contact details of a non-sales support person and his role

4. Follow options from a mutually convenient place say Facebook, twitter, blogs if any

5. Best and Worst customer story so far

Let me also add, I am NOT looking for a brochure with platitudes around the concept of innovation and why it is important for my organization or about another innovation management tool or technique.


One thought on “So you are offering Innovation as a Service

  1. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting “innovators”. Innovation should be an assumption. When I interview a potential vendor, I’m not looking for their overall
    innovative performance, I’m interested in their innovation as it pertains to me…period.

    I look for commitment and dedication at each level. Without it, you’re no better than anyone else.

    Good post!

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