Innovation Job Role Archetypes

For starters “blonde” is a stereotype, while “Dilbert” is an archetype. Innovators generally do not come in stereotypes, nor do they come with tags. There are more than 4 archetypes below, I am sure. I am listing the 4 I have personally seen in my experience with Innovation Management, and running around with others ideas door to door within organizations.

Sticker – thinks everything is a method, and for every method there is a place, mode, and content, he also thinks that scale and variety can be built over a period

Bulldozer – is convinced that movement within business/customers/departments is all that counts, and all of the movement can be accounted in a process on a platform

Diffetish – is one thinks he makes a difference by running campaign and branding on all things possible, has a fetish for all content but not context

Show Teller – believes what he sees (even complicated stuff) and can only work with forms that are concrete and typically teams that have other geeks

Someday I will get around to drawing a face/caricature to these archetypes with more of their traits and add them here. Where is my drawright kit?


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