Politics on the Intranet

Politics happens in the media covering mandates, parties, policies, power and all the rest of it. Power to control resources (money, people, time) for a limited period is the “Whats in it for me” (WIIFM) for a player. Media has a different set of WIIFM that may be for advocacy, publicity, subscription or other altruistic objectives. The players’ WIIFM are not the same as media’s WIIFM, but they use each other for good or bad and information becomes free and plenty. But they never ignore or act aloof of each other.

The same thing does not happen inside the enterprise, where there is no dearth of politics or the media which is your intranet with all its openness.
1. An ignored intranet is not a great place to do advocacy,
2. a completely closed set of html pages showing policies is not a great place to tell a viewpoint on why change is needed,
3. Leaders don’t logon to the intranet,
4. and information is in closed circles specifically information that is used to control resources.

Litmus test for an intranet is thus “does your organizational politics happen there openly, and does it impact decisions?”. If no value is there, there is no politics. Conversely presence of politics is evidence of value.


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