Global and Universal Problems

Dennis Meadows in his great lecture at Santa Fe makes the distinction of 2 kinds of problems

Type 1 Global Problems are those that affects everyone and needs concerted action from big players like nations, for any possibility of solving them. He puts nuclear proliferation, terrorism, oil depletion etc in this category.

Type 2 Universal Problems are those that affects everyone but can be solved by local action. He puts groundwater contamination, urban air pollution etc in this category.

My feeling is in organizations people tend to use existence of global problems as reasons to not take action on universal problems.

Global problems include the ever escaping top management approvals, blanket buy in for an initiative etc.

Some even predict the upcoming REVOLUTION as solution to global problems.

Innovation is all about being able to solve those universal problems with local solutions, without being bogged down by global problems.

And local solutions emerge only from safe-fail experiments.


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