Instruction Manuals can kill Ministers

It was a coincidence and a contrast today,
  1. I was awed by the great (but still smallest) instruction manual example from Incredibly dull
  2. Back home I hear the investigation report on the recent accident that killed a state chief minister. Quoting 
The crew noticed a snag and “was engrossed for vital six minutes before the impact in searching for the relevant checklist from the Flight Manual“. 
“This distracted their attention from the prevailing poor visibility weather conditions thus leading into the loss of situational awareness,” the report, prepared by the Committee headed by Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited chief S K Tyagi, said. 
The systems are respectively simple (calculator) and complicated (helicopter), and number of rules for the systems increases exponentially as the “number of moving parts” increases even linearly. 
Making the manual both useless and dangerous in high intensity cognitive function scenarios.

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