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CE References

I did not believe when Angelina said attending Dave’s Cognitive Edge Course is a thrilling process of intellectual expansion, after the first day I am starting to believe.

Anyway post day 1 gathered a bunch of references from Dave and went around to the largest book store chain in India to buy the lot that was close by.

Only to figure out that none of them were available, which means I have to buy them through the painstaking process of order, call, wait and call backs. 

The corner book store recommended is on the other side of the world as well.

Here is the list

  1. Harnessing Complexity: Organizational Implications of a Scientific Frontier by Robert Axelrod and Michael D. Cohen
  2. Dynamics in Action: Intentional Behavior as a Complex System by Alicia Juarrero
  3. Sources of Power: How People Make Decisions by Gary Klein
  4. The Symbolic Species: The Co-Evolution of Language and the Brain by Terrence W. Deacon
  5. How Brains Make Up Their Minds by Walter J. Freeman
  6. The Nature of Technology: What It Is and How It Evolves by W. Brian Arthur
  7. Knowledge Assets: Securing Competitive Advantage in the Information Economy by Max H. Boisot
  8. The Way We Think: Conceptual Blending and the Mind’s Hidden Complexities  by Gilles Fauconnier and Mark Turner
  9. Being There: Putting Brain, Body, and World Together Again by Andy Clark

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