Knowledge Space Search

I created a custom search engine combining blog rolls of people I follow as Knowledge Space Search on Google.

Testing time for the engine…I have google versus my search engine well which is also on Google, but only I understand my context better than how google understands my search term. Here it is, I tried with the popular term in KM circles, Safe Fail comparison below

Google Regular Search

Google Regular Search

Knowledge Space Search

Knowledge Space Search

You can see that Google does not distinguish between Fail Safe and Safe Fail due to I guess proximity of terms, and the first real distinction is coming in the 7 the item of result set.

Compare that with what you get in my custom search engine Knowledge Space Search

I think  the underlying blogs/sites will need to be kept updated on a regular basis with newer and fresher resources, which I think is not a huge effort considering the fact that my google reader feeds is still under 100.


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