Commitment versus Compliance part 2

I had identified a TRIZ contradiction on 2 parameters viz. quality and quantity of content base available in organizational knowledge bases. The next step after identifying the principles is the actual ideation. Principles that the contradiction matrix lists are in the same order of utility/importance. It took me exactly 40 minutes to come up with these ideas, it would useful for conducting this in a group setting and trying the same principle is the suggestion that came from my friend Prakash.

Here are the ideas… What do you think is absurd? Why do I ask this question, well

Albert Einstein says “If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it”.

13 Otherway around

1 create knowledge from beginning, instead of waiting till the end of the project
2 make knowledge creation/capture a continuous process, instead of a single AAR
3 allow all project members edit the knowledge instead of the select few
4 remove responsibility of SME/expert for knowledge creation and move the action to the knowledge seeker
5 instead of maintaining a knowledge base make it robust for all knowledge needs
6 push content (not email) where people can see relevance and access
7 move experts from project to project regularly
8 remove content from knowledge base that are never read/used to archives

32 Color Changes

9 make the seekers/creators role switch regularly
10 bright tag useful knowledgebase documents
11 tag knowledge creating people in various shades/belts/bands
12 alert system for inbred/non collaborative content creation
13 widget for recent changes across wiki with different color
14 make cross project wiki access/search possible
15 do not make public pages that are created by gamers unless seekers exist

15 Dynamization

16 every workproduct one wiki entry
17 every conversation one sense made
18 allow access from everywhere
19 allow access for everyone willing to create knowledge in context
20 divide wiki page into sections that are editable
21 create master from graph of wiki pages from links
22 make managers role optional
23 make managers role rotating
24 make content approver role rotating
25 make contributors into approvers and approvers into  contributors

23 Feedback

26 create daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual reports of activity in knowledge base
27 report activity of managers to team
28 enlist customers in the collaboration system
29 survey usefulness of content pieces/large chunks
30 create bulletin boards for transactional needs
31 allow other project readers to write review or rate content
32 use half life to measure freshness of content
33 bring seeker and contributor face to face

24 intermediary

34 sub contract/delegate to new joinees for knowledge creation
35 video capture knowledge intensive tasks and avoid hard content creation
36 symbolise context for quicker description

18 Resonance

37 dont manage content/knowledge bases
38 find frequency/spiral dynamics colors/memes to which people respond
39 connect/couple resonating roles/people
40 inspire to believe in the system/medium (wiki) as a powerful enough to change the working life


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