Commitment Versus Compliance part 1

Case 1

Imagine this situation where you put together a bunch of mandates at various levels of management, till it reaches the last employee on knowledge capture or learning. May be you can just make a random metric based on contributions (you could complicate it by adding usage, pass through, linking, commenting, etc) to your organization’s knowledge base and give sufficient room to game for employees to have fun which anyway will happen!

Call it currency, credit, kunit, knol or whatever. And then set a target for people and indicate that it will influence somehow their variable pay. Don’t even have to promise anything!!

Case 2

Imagine another situation where you connect people with each other in the context of an unknown and allow them to build knowledge based on a mutual commitment they have.

No carrots, gold biscuits or credits. Just the connection.

QuaLity (very subjective) of knowledge or synthesized content (if any) that comes out from Case 2 is invariably higher than what comes out of Case 1.

QuaNTity that comes from just adopting Case 1 is way higher than Case 2.

Is this a TRIZ contradiction or what…open the contradiction matrix please

Parameter we want to improve is Production Spec/Quality/Means

Explanation: intended to be general in terms of quality of what is produced, and means by which it is achieved, can be both tangible and intangible

Parameter that worsens is Amount of Information

Explanation: though not needed some synonyms might help knowledge, memory, volume, archive, library, repository, search. Actually even antonyms are ok in TRIZ.

TRIZ Principles that are identified for the contradiction are

13 Other way around

Invert actions used

Make movable parts fixed or fixed part moving

Turn System process object upside down

32 Colour Changes

Change colour of object/environment

Change transparency of system or environment

15 Dynamization

Allow system characteristics to change to be optimal or find an optimal operating condition

Divide systems into part capable of movement relative to each other

Make system movable, flexible

23 Feedback

Introduce feedback

If already used change magnitude or influence

24 Intermediary

Use an intermediary carrier article or process

18 Resonance

Find resonant frequency

Ideas on the contradiction stated are now flowing from the TRIZ principles,…coming up soon


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