Business Relvance for KM

Can we get business relevance as the first step of creating a KM program?
Is the top management ready send a directive that the time needed for the company to get ready for a change in market scenario is way too much (say 1 year) and need a knowledge strategy to help make it quicker?
Strategy group (central function/think tank) decides based on their research, there are several knowledge needs (competence) that the organization lacks even to enter certain markets and geos. Can KM help the organization get there?
Our positioning in a market is too low in the value chain (body shopping / customer managed team augmentation) and the customer businesses are going down (say like point 1 or other super system reasons), as a vendor is there a systematic way to innovate and create new markets for your customer or grow the existing one or cut their costs or whatever that has a $ +. Is this any role of KM?
As the company operations are wide spread across multiple cultures, geos, technologies, markets is it still logical to believe that a centralized decision making function possibly remote will be able to take those decisions quickly and also the right ones?

When I say KM I am not referring “the central KM function” but rather the act of managing both the knowns and unknowns of the company.
Secondly I think it is time we move away from looking at KM as a cost center and all the associated measurements and rather head into making relevance to business and operations.


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