Triputi on 9 Windows

The concept of Triputi (observer, observed and the act of observing) was made famous by many thinkers like J Krishnamurti among many others, actually dates back more than 3000 years.
What am I trying?
Applying this on a Systematic Innovation Technique called 9 Windows.
When I used to create 9 windows or facilitate to create 9 windows I was limiting my self to one thing which is the observed. So I was only interested in the adjective /adverbs of the system around which the 9 windows is drawn.
E.g. Withdrawing cash from an ATM would have at its sub system level
Instrument: Card
Identity: PIN Entered
Instrument Verification: Over Secure Network and Payment Gateway
Transaction Verification: Generated from ATM

But the power of the technique only comes to surface when you add the other 2 dimensions of the triputi viz. the act of observing and also the observer.
You can view this as an account holder, a bank, a thief, a security guard in the atm, etc.
The action itself can be viewed at different levels like interaction with the machine, system, account, bank etc.
Add all these then you see the real 9 windows.

I also had in mind a thought on trends within 9 windows, may be later in another post.


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