One of the perks of working in MindTree is you get to hear Subroto speak in close quarters and the master thrills every time. I have been quietly noting the recurring themes during his recent speeches. Sample below

  1. Relationship of an individual with the organization and within this the perspective of Identity (FROM being somebody TO being you TO being what you are meant to be). The metaphor used here “cut my vein and you will see my blood flowing red, blue and yellow” signifying MindTree DNA Imagination, Action and Joy
  2. Limits of bureaucracy. This was dissected with a brilliant analogy of the government and society last time around
  3. About being articulate, why and how you having an opinion matters (with reflections on the indian culture) and having a meaningful dialogue
  4. Definition of a professional and the ability to self certify your work product
  5. Volunteerism and how it affects the way we support communities of practice

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