Ideation by Forced Association

I had this great opportunity to see an ideation in action facilitated by Prakasan and Satish. The idea was to get as many ideas as possible for a gift product to one of our clients. The technique applied was “Forced Association” between technologies and the gifting opportunity.
This triggered a further thought while I was browsing the Franchising Magazine looking for business opportunities. The idea is to break human life into several phases from infant to elderly with specific phases like school going by bands of grades, young mothers, teen, working bachelor etc and then force associate these with the franchising business areas that may be education, clothing, food etc and get as many as ideas possible to uncover feasible, profitable, business opportunities.
I think I will do this myself and post my ideas.
I am told there are many more techniques like SCAMPER that can be applied to such ideation facilitation. Here is an excellent resource from the Millers to do such facilitations.


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