When I was a scriber?

On a why and how to innovate decision making session
Why on InnovationBasically stemming from value creation possibilities like1. Will this keep me ahead of the competition2. Which in turn means where does the next $X B business going to come from?3. What % of the next $1B can we get by applying innovation?
Navneet’s question and collected responses on what is customer value is here.
The innovation agenda for the organizaton that people usually come up with are in the following lines1. To be able to engage with the the value network to innovate in business, technology, and our services,2. To create free flowing networks3. To engage customers in the innovation process4. To be able to validate the opportunities5. To create a robust innovation engine/eco system (well a host of other words to pick from) with a better engagement and buy in from stake holders and practitioners.
Innovation process should allow a practitioner1. to see overlap areas within and problem and present opportunity2. to create a knowledge base comparable or more than the customer
Next comes the how part of the innovation where issues relating to1. Coordination at team, practice and organization levels2. Creating the enabling conditions that are aligned to creativity, getting a grasp on the systematic innovation techniques and understanding the open innovation models
This is where KM fits in not on focusing on refining or optimization but enabling creation of lesser optimal but disruptive innovations
The need for innovation arises in a problem situation, and focus has to be on what bothers practitioners and where to hit? The context.So argument will be that at the problem context one does not have a tool box for innovation or a process in mind
Get your pitch ready before you talk about innovation next time.


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