Innovation Agenda

To be able to engage with the the value network to innovate in business, technology, and our services,To create free flowing networksTo engage customers in the innovation processTo be able to validate the opportunities
This in turn means creation of a robust innovation engine/eco system with a better engagement and buy in from stake holders and practitioners.
Trying to address the how part of innovation at team, practice and organization levels
Also means creation of the enabling conditions that are aligned to creativity, getting a grasp on the techniques and understanding the open innovation modelsTaking a retrospective view would discussion on charter vision mission type of thing needed.
Instead of focusing on refining or optimization we are here enabling creation of lesser optimal but disruptive innovations
Getting to the Ideal Final State step by step by applying in Software Development Lifecycle the following
1. Creativity 2. Systems Thinking 3. Working Smart
Will this keep us ahead of the competitionWhich in turn means where does the next $1B business going to come from?or What % of the $1B can we get by applying innovation?Compare this with % revenue of 3M from new product lines
Working backwards from the end goal, as a service company how to win against competition and does providing services itself a constraint to innovationShould we contrast Six Sigma approaches that are more suited for military or engineering scenario with such innovation
That means Six Sigma can only be focussed on delta improvements, can help optimize an existing equation, but you cannot make that leap.Clear cases of reduction in innovation post Six Sigma initiatives are seen in 3M.
Six Sigma initiatives and articulation of results is more a statistical exercise including but not limited to hypothesis testing, design of experiment etc
Are Six Sigma and Innovation complementary to zero in on a problem and create solutions?Existence of companies with joint agenda on Six Sigma and Innovation example Samsung but very less is understood on why and how of their processes.
Need for a longer term view on innovation itselfTCS type open and collaborative environments have been successful where collective innovation is for a subset of the value networkBut it is important to not get caught in the patent monitization measurement or having a tight stage gate process
The need for innovation arises in a problem situation, and focus has to be on what bothers practitioners and where to hit?
At the problem context one does not have a tool box for innovation or a process in mind,Need to address how we think and solve problem with the techniques and understand what the techniques are and when to apply them
Varied problem areas that have been addressed so far are
1. People Management 2. Project 3. Technical and Process 4. Customer 5. Organizational
Identifying top 5 initiatives for innovation or gathering cross functional synergies to innovate
Buzzwords today in the innovation area are open innovation, user centric innovation, democratic innovation.Cocreation with end users and revealing a lot of information than having it closed in a laboratoryScandinavia is ahead in terms of above with government participation.
9 Windows as an effective technique for structured process to innovation and how natural thinking never goes to the super system where there are usually significant opportunities that can be identified.It helps in brining different scenarios from comparing offering or features that other products do not provide.
Innovation process should allow us to see overlap areas within and problem and present opportunityto create a knowledge base comparable or more than the customer
As applied to IT , TRIZ can be relevant till design but understanding the framework is not easy;Start with a landscaping exercise and identify 3 quick hits, train people, ensure closureFinding a problem to solve may not be the right approach.Facilitator is not supposed to solve problems, but people should become experts by training and hand holding
First wave has to have 3 success stories
Steps involved areevangelizing with specific details and with a rigor to replicatecreating awareness as a self driven process where people will embrace and influence others and also add to the portfolio of techniques/success stories
Need is recommendations of tools for maintenance, migration projects with a questionnaire for projects and enable through thatFor example reducing uncertainty from requirements to CUT effort
How is the current channel of innovation facilitation workingWhen innovation is not a natural thought to me how do I approach1. Introduce tools2. Look at simple thinkgs that need no great thinking
Definition of innovation and the process is in itself weak and least understood.
All techniques ask questions, we need the questions for applying 9 Windows, IFR and Resources to start with those question set.
So in turn this means identify techniques, identify questions, identify 2 projects, 3 BAs and 3 PMs and get commitment on time investment
Show them this is how to do it
Apply it to internal problems first before getting to customer problems
Need a movement at grassroot level and adoptionThe techniques are only a structured way of thinkingWe are looking at top down driven initiative with interventional approach
4 or 5 areas from proposal making to organizational problems to domain related problems can be taken as first phase


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