K Cafe

A Knowledge Cafe at KAMP.
24 Nov 2007, Evening, 3 tables and one added a little later and not much participation from that table.
Started by posing the following open question”What comes in the way of idea generation?”
My table Padhma, Prakasan, Navneet and myself came out with the following thought pieces, each were of course explained within a particular context.Each table generated many such thoughts and followed it through till it was articulated well.
1. My ideas has never been looked at2. Organization is not open to the idea that is being generated3. Need for a variety of experienceFrom Experience – Thought – Idea – Expression or articulation of the idea4. Lack of Diversity / In bred group5. The very definition of an idea itself6. Complacent or Not looking beyond7. Experience to connect to different contexts and creating an idea; multiple such connections to get ideas8. Problem to get ideas9. Organization safety10. There is no percieved value in the idea11 Unable to get out of current context to value the idea
Next is each table presenting 2 of the best ideas from all that was generated.
And while presenting the contexts were remove and presented to the other group.Presented below are all the ideas that came out from the 3 tables including ours.
1. The status quo is killing the idea or the idea is percieved as disruptive and the associated resistance2. Person involved in generating the idea is emotionally attached to it and wants to take it to implementation himself3. There is limited success of ideas in the past which is stopping me now4. Lack of diversity5. Ability to connect contexts6. The teams or employees are not pushed to the wall to generate ideas
Next is each team is asked to present 2 ideas that could solve the issues listed above
1. Focussed intervention to actually apply and learn techniques that will generate ideas2. Push forcefully to other context and enable contextual thinking


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