Things to Do on my Yezdi Roadking

  1. Need a stock Handle with all the buttons firmly fixed. May be a change in clutch and throttle cables.
  2. Need a bucket seat, lower back support, pillion seat ring, and a rubber or water proof bottom.
  3. Need a 95 carburettor jet to improve mileage per litre. Verify other gas loss avenues.
  4. Starter cum gear lever lock pin needs original replacement (non critical)

What happened yesterday twice on road was kind of strange, 4 th gear, around 45-50 kmph, no extra ordinary road conditions except being slightly wet, and some crazy drivers, I was losing significant rear end grip and the Roadking skidded both times towards the right, but stayed on 2 wheels. But I hit neutral between 3&4 on both occasions a  little late but nevertheless need more grip and check on balance.

It is all about getting used to the techniques of the Roadking, and some quick reflexes to drive safe and quick.



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