Yezdi in Bangalore

Yezdi Roadking Forever Bike; Information specific to Bangalore East

How to get a Roadking; Where to service a Roadking; Where to go to do a hassle free paper transfer RC + Insurance

Photo of my Roadking 1995

Everything in my bike are original except for the add on indicator lights; I have tried to retain the original looks by not doing any mods.
Couple of things to notice in my bike is that the handle is not a stock handle; I am still looking for a stock handle (Roadie, CL or DL) if you do have one and willing to sell please call me @ 98450 42771.
The seat needs a total redo.

How to get a Roadking;
You don’t see a plenty of these Czech based bikes on road, but when you do see one in traffic or on the road stop and ask the driver if he was selling it. This is the most efficient way to buy an Yezdi; The sound of the raw power of Yezdi can be noticed almost in any noisy place as it stands out from the crowd.

My current Yezdi was identified thus on a traffic signal and was the second driver I asked; Well the first one was too proud and possessive which inspired me.

Where to service a Roadking;
Around Indira Nagar on 100 ft Road going towards Old Madras Road take left on 13 Main Rd and ask for Kannan Kariappa auto service. This guy is decent and charges are very reasonable. He has experience from pre 1995 when production was still on;
Commercial Street On MG Road take right towards Commercial Street and keep going straight till you cross the culvert after Commercial Street ask for Makzood Garage; This guy does only Yezdis mostly and can fix anything on your Yezdi. Very experienced and professional.

Where to go to do a hazzle free paper transfer RC + Insurance;
RTO office on Old Madras Road KA 03 circle is always crowded and too many brokers around.
Stop by at any of the vehicle consultant offices in the same BDA complex and ask if they can do a transfer.
What you (Transferee) need to obtain from the previous owner (Transferor)

  1. Form 29 Form 30 (Required for RC book transfer)
  2. Original Certificate of Registration RC Book (Required for RC book transfer)
  3. Life time Road Tax paid card (Required for RC book transfer)
  4. 3 Photographs (Required for RC book transfer)
  5. Residence Proof (Required for RC book transfer)
  6. Transfer of Insurance
  7. Emission Test Certificate

Give documents 1-5 to the agent and his fee (varies around INR 400-600)
Receive documents 2 and 3 back with your photo and name endorsed in the documents.

I did mine from Anand Shop 42 BDA complex Indira Nagar for a charge of INR 450.

If the insurance is current most insurance companies do not ask you to bring the vehicle to the office where the policy was taken, but some may ask to bring in the vehicle with copy of transferred RC book and filled in application form available in the insurance company office.
The charge is INR 50 -100 depending on the insurance company.
Your new insurance policy should be issued immediately.

Carry copies of your paper always when you drive your Yezdi as bulls are stopped by many damn pigs in the city.

Enjoy the Ride


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