Ideas as of April 23 2006

  1. Build and operate an online digital receipt management and retail collaboration system with strong personal finance tools and advertising base
  2. Develop an audio media conversion system to digitize All India Radio archives and sell it over the web partnering Apple, Sony, HMV India, Echo, Vani, Saregama
  3. Operate a joint in a basement with a drum set in a corner with excellent audio and video capabilities, non smoking, 4000 sq ft space
  4. Aim will be to create a blog template in Tamil;Features-In built converter from anglicised input to unicode Tamil,Enable search in Unicode
  5. Participate in natural language processing programs to translate tamil(ta) to/from english(en)
  6. Translate Gmail menu to Unicode 8 tamil
  7. Set up food joint to sell festival specialities items throughout the year (Yeriseri, appam, aval upma, kali types)
  8. Print temple donations book and run away with the money

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