Project Fusion Does it work for me?

It would be interesting to see what kind of portfolio of new or modified applications and processes the new proposed Fusion product from Oracle would bring in. Customers around the world would want to protect their existing investement on various pre-Oracle acquisition products, like DB2 on pSeries, SQL on Windows, with instances of World, OneWorld, Enterprise, EnterpriseOne. It is not surprising to see many customers and user community feel vulnerable to loss of investment as the product evolves more along the Oracle Applications than any of the other products. It is only right to think so and explore the options.
It is almost inconcievable to rebuild from scratch an application portfolio onto an enterprise product within the time frames projected by Oracle. What would make more sense would be a phased approach to the whole migration or revamp and to build interfaces and conversions and processes linking similar functionalities between the 3 prooduct lines.

Oracle Applications( is really strong in most financial interfaces and would be relatively less effort to build them catering to PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards.
Being an experienced JD Edwards developer and CNC consultant I think it is a medium level complexity to develop interfaces to Oracle Apps basically out bound. And I see in the market more and more services companies have made significant investment in catering the same to SAP and be sure to recognize that every instance is unique and what worked for one customer need not necessarily work for other.
This is especially true when there are lot of customization to existing applications have been done with custom Z processes or modules for a niche requirement.
But to cater to a larger audience it would be right for Oracle to invest in building such interfaces and may be do turn key projects with the Oracle E-Business Suite running parallel even before the product is released and testing these.

Communications of Oracle meeting and exceeding Fusion product development timelines as given in many news sites on the web does not hold without the line level details of what has been done with business processes, applications, infrastructure interoperability.
Finally I would not want the flexible architechture with CNC in JD Edwards to go away because of this very acquistion.
Is it not a business proposition to take up such services for Oracle itself than letting Others do it?


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